Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wichita, Nebraska and Uganda!

Today we're embracing the camera with friends and family from all over the world!  Well mostly just Kansas and Nebraska but one special guy from Uganda is in here too!

We spent the second part of our stay in KC seeing lots of friends and family.  I was so blessed to have three great friends from Wichita come with their kiddos to stay overnight with us.  The kids had fun playing together we us girls had a great time catching up!  I took lots of pictures so get ready!
Unfortunately 3 more of my friends were planning on coming but had last minute emergencies/sickness happen and couldn't make it.  We sure missed seeing Lydia, Kaely and Charlie though!

Lincoln and Noah

Jordan, Riley, Lincoln and Noah getting ready to eat lunch

Riley and Linc

looking at the neighbors dog

playground fun!

I finally got to meet sweet Zeke!  He is such a great baby.

holding hands while walking back from the park

Lesley found this leaf-like insect and the kiddos were so interested in it!  Lincoln held it for quite awhile without killing it, I was impressed! :)

While Lincoln and Riley looked at the bug, Jordan and Noah were doing their own thing!

handing the bug to Riley for her turn to hold it

Lesley, Riley, Jordan and baby boy :)
Sasha, Zeke and Noah
Me and Lincoln and baby brother (Lesley and I are due 1 week from each other!)

saying sweet

the next night Cameron and Ashley came to play!  These two had a blast in the tub!

Lincoln, me, Ashley and Cameron

super sweetness going on right here!

At the end of the week, Tyler's parents were able to make it down to see Lincoln.  He is so blessed to have such great Grandparents that love him so much! 
Papa and Linc doing puzzles

And oh my, I finally got the chance to meet Rick and Kendra's 4 year old miracle boy!  They brought him home from Uganda in May.  I was fighting tears the whole time because meeting this little boy who we've prayed for, for 4 years is here with them and doing so well!  He's a charmer that's for sure.
Oh AND they just announced that they are adopted not 1 but 2 more little girls from Uganda.  Duncan's best friends from his orphanage!  

Have I ever said how amazing adoption is?  Oh I have?  Well I'll say it's AMAZING.  
It's no secret, we plan on adopting a little boy/girl eventually....currently praying about what that looks like.  


  1. so glad we got to see you, even for a short time! <3 you! he is indeed a miracle boy!

  2. So much fun! Congrats to your friends about adopting two more. How exciting!