Monday, November 7, 2011

pack 2 boxes....sit down for 10 minutes - repeat

First of all I'm aware that my header is gone.  we're working on it.  not sure what happened.  if you are able to see it, would you let me know please?  I'm guessing everyone is seeing the same black rectangle with the exclamation mark in the middle.  bear with me....I'll have a pretty header back up there soon!
now onto my post....

yep, that's right we're busy (or slowly) packing boxes over here
because.....we bought a house!
we close this thursday and move in on saturday!
praying that this go around as home owners is a little less stressful than last time!
man that basement in our old house was a nightmare.
but we survived and fixed it just in time to move :)
don'tcha just love how most people "fix up" their house in order to move?
yeah we were one of them.

in a way it's been nice renting for the past year
we haven't had to do any of our own maintenance like
mowing, fixing leaky faucets, etc.
it'll be so fun to have a yard again for Linc man and baby brother to play in
AND a huge playground/soccer field just behind our backyard!
AND I'm so ready to NOT have white walls anymore!  yippee!

we've been busy packing boxes, signing papers, getting inspections, setting up utilities, living daily life with a 2 year old, packing more boxes, taking a break, eating a snack (or 2!) and packing some more!
for those of you who didn't know about our little "situation" we ran into some problems 
getting pre approved for a loan.  Apparently I had good credit (but no income) so we couldn't
use mine, and since we don't use credit cards and it had been over a year since we sold our last house,
Tyler's credit score had expired.  
So we had some extra waiting to do, putting Tyler on as an authorized user onto my accounts, the ONE account that I still had and then start spending some money to get a score for him.

Well wanna guess where that one credit card of mine was from?
Well like I said, we don't use credit cards......
so the only reason I've ever opened a store credit card was for the discount or awesome coupons.
and the only one that I still had was to Victoria's Secret.
(did you know that if you have their credit card, you get awesome coupons in the mail for free undies?!)
Yes my husband now has his own Victoria's Secret card. 
Seriously, though I've given him such a hard time about it.

Well low and behold that card came through for us!  
Tyler got a credit score and that same day we found our house!

So I guess we now have 2 reasons to thank Victoria's Secret....
For baby brother :)
 for giving Tyler a credit score so we can buy a house!

Well I hope that gave you all a good laugh.....
my 10 minutes of resting is up and I'm off to pack 2 more boxes!

Check back soon for a 30 week update on baby brother!