Saturday, November 5, 2011

They're going back!

Watch our friends' adoption announcement video!

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{explanation of why they chose this logo}

Our heart is. . .

. . . for a birthfamily to have the HOPE of being reunited with a child they want to take care of.

. . . for a birthmom to have HOPE of caring for a baby she loves, when poverty dictates that this cannot be so.

. . . for a child truly in need of adoption to have HOPE of a family.

. . . for a parent to have HOPE of an education for their child, for shoes, for a doctor's appointment, for medication for their sick child.

. . . for HOPE of no more DEATH BY WATER or MOSQUITO BITE.  

. . . for the HIV+ mother living in poverty that has no other choice than to breastfeed her baby in the starving village and risk transmission, to have HOPE for another option.

. . . for people living with HIV/AIDS to have HOPE for medication, good health, a long life expectancy, to see their children grow.

. . . for the oppressed of the earth to have HOPE for justice.

If you to help out by buying a t-shirt, click HERE.

Or if you want to help out and "kill two birds with one stone" her Etsy store HERE for those little girls on your Christmas list! :)

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