Thursday, January 5, 2012

the past couple weeks....

The past couple weeks things have been a bit crazy around here.
It's like we had a baby or something and our lives turned upside down overnight :)
We've had family here off and on for 2 1/2 weeks and more on the way!
So here is a quick recap...

So my mom flew out here and arrived right after Caedmon was born.  She stayed and helped us out and a week later my Dad and Trey drove out to both see Caedmon and be here with us for Christmas.  
Papa Jay holding his second grandson, Caedmon Jay :)

Lincoln got in some good wrestling with my dad

Lincoln coming down the stairs Christmas morning to open his presents from Tyler and I

Opening a couple "fres-ents" 
Doesn't uncle Trey look thrilled to be up before 11am :)

every morning since then he has woken up asking to "open fres-ents?"  I should just start wrapping up his toys since he just loves the opening part and doesn't care if it's a new toy or not.  

Daddy playing with Lincoln's new spiderman figurine 
Tyler was super excited to pick out Lincoln's first super hero figurine for him :)

Grandma Hunni snuggling her baby before they had to leave :(

Then we had a couple days of just the 4 of us before Tyler's parents arrived. 

Tyler's parents meeting Caedmon for the first time!

Papa getting in as much holding time as he can

Lincoln showing Grandma his new trains

Lincoln got to open more presents from Grandma and Grandpa.  One of them required daddy to get out his tools so Lincoln rushed to get his own tools to help, it was adorable.

Grandma lovin' on baby Caedmon

Grandma and Grandpa R with their TWO grandsons!

And then I can't believe I didn't get any picture while Tyler's sister, Kelsey was here!  That's what happens when you are sleep deprived....
Kelsey was here for 3 days - it just so happens that her soon to be hubby's family lives just an hour away from us so they were here anyway to see them for Christmas.
She was planning to come see us while they were here anyways and it just worked out that Caedmon was here already and she got to meet him too! :)  We love having Aunt Kelsey come visit!  I'm sure she got tired of Lincoln dragging her back downstairs whenever she got up, to go "play cars!"  Thanks for entertaining him!

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  1. Love the pics.. Caedmon is so adorable. My daughter did the same thing about presents. She is still asking if we're gonna open presents every day.