Friday, February 10, 2012

10 on 10 {february}

It's 10 on 10 time again!
I love it when I actually remember the 10th of the month.  
This month I used my phone for all the pics so the quality of pictures isn't the greatest but 
it's so much easier when I have my phone with me all the time.
So here we go....

Walking to Lincoln's room to get him up this morning I saw that
Tyler took the animals that Lincoln left on our bed while playing yesterday, and lined them up ready to greet him in the morning :)

First grocery trip with both my boys = success!

Oatmeal soup....oh the things we do for our babies

Looking out my window while doing dishes.....Thanks mom for making this flip book of verses for me

Lunch with my Linc-man

Crayons and cars

Naptime for boy little burrito baby in the most amazing swaddle blanket ever - 
the Miracle Blanket - it's my "go to" gift for new moms, it rocks THAT much.
I claim it's part of the reason that Lincoln was such a good sleeper....hoping the same for Caedmon
fingers crossed!

Spending some time in the Word

my helper while getting the mail....see the snowflakes? :)

A cozy night "in" requires my favorite candle scent filling the house 

a glass of wine and a redbox movie with the hubby
perfect way to end the day and start the weekend!

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  1. Stopping in from 10 on 10....your shopping picture is just precious! What a special moment to document! Congrats on getting out and successfully shopping with 2 little ones!

  2. Your photos are so fun. I was reminded the other day that my days of being a mom to little ones (my youngest goes to kindergarten next!) are almost over. Your photos reminded me of those times when it seemed that "the days were long but the years were short". Thanks so much!

  3. Love the crayon photo. After looking at your set, it looks like you had a great day!