Friday, February 3, 2012

Photo Challenge take 2

Ok so I'm totally going to switch things up.
The photo challenge that I was following is just not working for me.
I don't like the prompts for some of the days and so I had just been skipping over them, 
until I found THIS one....

from the blog: Joy's Hope

It's technically for January and since that's over I'm just going to make it for the next 31 days.  
Good thing I'm not OCD and have to follow everything to a "t."  
Just rolling with the flow, that's how we work around here.

1. Me

2. Breakfast

3. Something you adore.
My hubby in the kitchen :)

4. Letterbox
Our valentine's mailboxes, we write each other notes each day
leading up to Valentine's Day (that's one way to make sure your hubby writes you nice love letters :) hehe I'm so sneaky, lol

5. Something I wore
Love these shoes, they are super comfy!

6. Makes you smile
Lincoln cleaning his plate.
Quite possibly the first time in his life.

7. Favorite
Vanilla Dr. Pepper
Tyler rocks, he was close to a Sonic for work and stopped by and got me one!
And he even thought to get no ice with it so it wouldn't be watered down when I got to drink it!

8. Your sky
Loving these beautiful days!

9. Daily Routine
Yep I put make up on everyday even if we're just staying home.
It just makes me feel better about myself and then I'm all ready in case something comes up and
we need to run an errand


  1. I have a different photo challene I was going to do as well. I think I'm behind on the first 1 by like 6 days. Oh well.

  2. Thought of you when I read this blog today. She did the same Jan. photo challenge you just posted & also posted one for Feb. Just thought I'd share it incase you wanted another one for when you complete this one.