Tuesday, February 21, 2012

caedmon {2 months}

Caedmon at 2 months...

-you love your swing (we've found out that the batteries last 8 weeks when it's run almost all day long)
-during the day you are still eating every 2-3 hours
-you take a nice long afternoon nap same time as your brother (most days)
-at night sleeping one 5 (or more!) hour stretch then every 3-4 hours after that
-you've found your voice and have started cooing, along with lots of grunting :)
-you've not found your thumb (thankfully) but you almost try and suck on your entire fist if I don't have the binkie there right away
-at night I've started "topping you off" with a bottle after nursing to help you sleep longer
-the spitting up has decreased, no longer thinking you have reflux
-I think your smiles will appear any day now
-you have rolls like Lincoln has never had - love me a chunky baby
- you love your car seat and fall right to sleep whenever we go somewhere
-you are seriously the best baby ever (knock on wood!) you only cry when you're hungry or have a gas bubble.
-you are getting really good at holding your head up

2 month stats:
weight - 10 lbs 10 oz. 20th percentile (huge jump up from being born at the 4th percentile)
length - 21 in.  - just like your fellow preemie brother you're short and not quite on the curve for length yet but that'll come!  Dr. said it usually shows up in a huge growth spurt around age 6.  Oh and she also did a little calculation to see how tall you might be and according to her calculations you will be 6'3'' I thought that was interesting.

Caedmon, I am truly so lucky to get to be your mommy.  I look at you everyday and think about the little miracle that you are.  It's been 2 months and they have been two of the fastest of my life.  I can't believe how fast time is going.  With your brother, being a preemie, I had that "newborn" phase with him for a long time and with you I feel you're already slipping out of it.  Makes me sad and excited all at the same time.  Sad that this stage of your life is coming to a close but excited for the next ones.

Here you are at 2 months

I misplaced your monthly ties for 2 and 3 months so I had to settled for photoshopping one it :)

And here are the out takes...

Look at that thigh muscle!

Getting so long!

And....here comes big brother...


  1. Where'd you get that blanket? It'd be perfect for pictures!

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  3. Jack did the pose in the 2nd picture a lot. We called it his warrior pose!

  4. I just found your blog through Faith Blogs, and I'm so glad I did! Your babies are beautiful, and I love the name! :)

  5. He is adorable! They both are! I love your blog!

  6. awwww cute baby love you

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