Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Photo Challenge {days 10-20}

Day 10: Childhood memory
Hope and I before my first dance recital (4 or 5 yrs old?) Mom do you remember?
It was so fun looking back at old pictures, I'm going to do another post on the other pictures I found
(it's a pictures of a picture so that's why it's so blurry)

Day 11: Where you sleep
Yep, unmade bed and all....when I start getting more sleep at night I'll have the energy to 
start making our bed again!

 Day 12: Close up

Day 12: In your bag
My diaper bag stuffed with all things baby

Day 14: Something your reading
Awesome book on marriage that our small group is reading

Day 15: Happiness
Skyping with Grandma Hunni

 Day 16: Morning
Lincoln's newest request for breakfast each morning - cereal bars from Trader Joe's

Day 17: Water
I'm so sick of drinking so much water....but I really need to keep it up!

Day 18: Something you bought
This big vase with sticks was marked WAY down at Target and I couldn't pass it up

Day 19: Sweet

Day 20: Someone you love
Two "someone's" that I love

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