Friday, March 2, 2012

Baby products I Love!

So after having my second baby I've learned a few things about baby products.
The good, the bad and the things that you just plain don't need.

So here is a list I thought I'd put together in case there are any first time momma's out there
who have no idea what to register for or where to even start.

Well here are a few of my favorite things....(now humming, "these are a few of my faaavorite things!")

Petunia Picklebottom Diaper Bag

the ibaby app on my phone
-This app keeps track of anything you would need with a baby: time between bottles, nursing,
poops, wet diapers, how long they've slept etc...I use it to keep track of how often and which side I started nursing from.  It's a life saver!
-it was FREE compared to the "itzbeen" timers which are around $20

Moby Wrap
I love to "wear" my baby and it's great for when we're out shopping or just around the house
get one here

Video Monitor
Just got one with Caedmon, didn't have one with Lincoln and now I wish I would've.
It's so nice and I just waited until there was a deal on one from Amazon.  I got ours for around $60.

Playtex Bottles with drop-ins
After trying all kinds of bottles with Lincoln I settled on these because they don't have the
INSANE amount of parts that some of the others have...ahem...Dr. Brown's...cough.
The drop-in's are a little extra cost but if you want you can wash them and reuse if you wish.  And since you can just throw away the drop-in part, you don't have to wash the main bottle part like you would with other bottles.  They work for us, but everyone has their own preferences.

Soothie pacifiers
They seem to be a little easier to get clean than others and both my boys preferred them.

The Miracle Blanket
Lincoln LOVED to be swaddled so this blanket was amazing, Caedmon on the otherhand
doesn't care to be swaddled so I haven't used it as much.  But if your baby likes to be swaddles this blanket is a MUST!

I really wish I could stomach cloth diapering but it's just not for me.  So...
pampers diapers for the first couple sizes preemie, newborn, 1, 2
huggies or Target brand for the larger sizes
I just think the pampers for the smaller sizes are more absorbent and as they get bigger the pampers kinda get less and less absorbent and sag a lot.
Target brand is the BEST off brand diaper out there.  Just sayin' :)

This snack cup
The only thing that spills out of it are cheerios....we LOVE it and it still goes everywhere with us!

huggies wipes
-they are super thick and wet....good at getting the job done!
I'm kinda a wipes snob :)

beaba baby cook
this thing is amazing for making your own baby food!

compact swing
it's not huge, doesn't take up much space and has a timer on it so it swings for 8, 15 or 30 minutes and then shuts off.  I read an article that said that babies have a much more "restful" sleep when they aren't swinging.  So I set the timer for enough time to put him to sleep and then it's off for while he's sleeping.  Also helps him not have to rely on the swinging motion to stay asleep.

So there ya have it, my top favorite baby items!  


  1. So I totally agree with you on the pampers size newborn or size 1,2....and huggies on the wipes! I love them. I also love the Costco Kirkland brand of diapers. They work great size 3 and up. If you haven't tried them you should. :). And they are cheaper than the target brand, (which I do love as well) Especially when they go on "sale.". I also love the swaddle blanket, never had one with Adelie, Tatum loves hers. Have regular or cheap baby monitors, but they seem to work just fine. I use Chris' old college school bag for our diaper bag and I if I was a swearing person I would swear by it. :). It has so much storage, so many pockets, Chris totes it around a lot bc it looks "masculine" and is comfy to wear. It's north face brand. I've tried the Eddie Bauer diaper bag and even bought an Amy Coe bag, but I always come back to his bookbag. I can't remember the name of my favorite pacifier, but Tatum and Adelie both seem to like the Nuby the best, even though they do seem to get icky and are hard to truly look clean. And lastly, one of my favorite products is the snack/formula Tupperware divider. I know you don't use formula but it was such a great invention. You can use it for dividing different portions of formula and then can be later used for differed snacks. Love it! And I love small tupperware in general as I use it for everything to stay organized! So anyways....not that you care about some of my "favorite things" but I had some time while the girls were/are napping so I thought I would share! Miss you and take care.

  2. Love these posts! It's amazing how fast I've forgotten what I used when Braden was little.

  3. oooh i wish i would have known about ibaby for those early days, when you're so sleep-deprived and irrational and have nooo idea what time your babe at last, or if it's day or night :) i'm always feeling myself up in public to see what side lucy needs to start i should probably still download it! :)