Tuesday, March 6, 2012

match-y, match-y

Just because I have boys doesn't mean I can't have fun with dressing them! :)
Thanks to Grandma Hunni, Lincoln and Caedmon 
were matching for church on Sunday and it was so cute. 

Here are a couple pictures I was able to snap that afternoon...


"no hit, caedmon!" -Lincoln

my happy baby

"caedmon, no hit!" -a more frustrated Lincoln
as if he was really hurt, haha!

Beautiful blues

and two more from last Saturday....brothers hanging out together

Love it!  My heart is full and we are so blessed by these two.


  1. So adorable! If I ever have another boy I would totally match them too!

  2. ^^ I love when my blog friends are blog friends!!
    And I'd have to agree... matching is fun!! And how is Caed growing so fast!!!??