Saturday, March 17, 2012

caedmon's room {a tour}

So Caedmon is 3 months old and I finally have his
nursery finished!  Well as finished as it's going to get, that is.  
I probably could do more with it but I have other projects for my house that I
need to start on (see Lincoln's room in the last picture at the bottom)  
See what I mean?  haha!

Well I had been "pinning" lots of ideas and inspiration on pinterest as soon
as I found out we were having another boy.  I never really got the chance to decorate Lincoln's
nursery how I wanted too since I was in the hospital from week 24 on.
It ended up looking cute but I would've done a lot more with it, had I had more
time :)  So I really wanted to do this one just how I wanted it and I
am SO happy with how it turned out.  
I loved the look of thick horizontal stripes in some of the pictures of nurseries on my pinterest board and so we went with grey and white stripes on one wall and carried the grey color on the other 3 walls.

I accented with navy blue, burnt orange and brown.
All the furniture was what I used in Lincoln's nursery and
it all seemed to fit perfectly.  I painted the side table blue but that's all I had
to change!

The last step to finish off the nursery was making this roman shade.
BIG thanks to my friend Megan for coming to show me how to make it.
(and then ending up sewing the orange stripes on for me!)
I LOVE how it turned out and it looks so great in the room!

And another shot of it pulled up a little

The stripes were a lot easier than I thought they would be.  
We finished painting the room on Sunday and Caedmon was born
that following Thursday!  Didn't realize we'd be cutting it so close!

I made the pennants by cutting the triangle and then glueing them onto quilting tape?  
I think that's what it was called.  
Then just bought a wooden "C" and painted it white.

The tall dresser was one that I used growing up.  
I still plan to replace the knobs on it.
Changing table was from our friends, Rick and Kendra (so was the glider chair, actually!)
Both have gotten lots of great use.....thanks again, Neills!
The three boxes on the changing table are just fabric covered diaper boxes!

I spray painted an old frame and then just stapled chicken wire to the back of it to make this....

Cute little shoes just waiting for Caedmon's feet to grow a bit bigger :)

ordered this print from Etsy

And then the most unorganized closet ever!  
Consists of my stash of diapers, wipes, toys, a jumperoo, a suitcase and up at the top
is my wedding dress all boxed up! Random, I know but I didn't have any other place to store it.

My next project...
It needs a LOT of help. And yes, my son has a pink mattress.


  1. absolutely beautiful!!! i love the block stripes and orange accents!

  2. love caedmon's room!!! and lincoln's pink mattress ;)

  3. You did a fantastic job Marie! I LOVE me some fabric covered diaper boxes!! I've got a handful in my house too!!

  4. I love it! And you really utilized pinterest. Great job :)

  5. What an awesome room! Can't wait to see with you do to Lincoln's!