Saturday, March 31, 2012

photo a day challenge {march}

Another month of pictures each day!  I have to admit, I didn't get one for each day (those are the ones I left blank) but this I've really enjoyed doing this!  It adds a creative (kind of, I haven't really been that creative yet) element to our day.

day 1: up
there is always random things on the stairs waiting for my next trip up there for me to put away

day 2: fruit
not fruit but just read an article that says popcorn has more antioxidants  
than fruit does....even more reason to have it more often!

day 3: your neighborhood
beginning of march...
last week....quite the change!

day 4: bedside
my bedside table has been taken over by baby!

day 5: a smile

day 6: 5pm
crockpot beef stew...yum!

say 7: something you wore

day 8: window

day 9: red
I was red....yep I totally dominated! haha

day 10: loud

day 11: someone you talked to today
he's so fun to talk to these days....learning so much lately!
(don't you love his cringe / smile?) 

day 12: fork
I'm addicted to salad lately...yum.

day 13:a sign

day 14: clouds

day 15: car

day 16: sunglasses

day 17: green
kick off of MOMtourage!!  

day 18: a corner of your home
kind of....this is our little breakfast nook

day 19: funny
daddy and spiderman in deep

day 20: before / after

day 21: delicious

day 22:kitchen sink

day 23: moon

day 24:an animal
these animals got left on the table after lunch....too full to move I suppose

day 25: breakfast

day 26: key

day 27: your name

day 28: trash
leaving the house on Tuesday mornings is a challenge.
Not only is our driveway curved, I have to avoid two huge trash/recycling bins!  I've only hit it a couple times ;)

day 29:feet

day 30: toy
there is clearly a shortage of toys in our house....not

day 31: where you relax
today a brief time to relax while shopping by myself and a little starbucks


  1. wow that 2nd picture of your neighborhood....can I please move in with you?!?! insanely beautiful!

  2. LOVE this! And that car painting is a MUST... doing it first thing tomorrow with my kiddos!