Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"kelsey, come play cars!" -lincoln

{get ready for photo overload!}

lincoln and caedmon's aunt kelsey came to spend part of her
spring break with us last week.  it was so fun having
her here and we're sad that she'll be graduating in may (not that she's graduating, we're happy and proud of her of course!) but that means so more spring breaks for her to come and visit :(
that is, unless she starts teaching, then maybe she'll get some longer breaks :)  

we're super honored that she chose us over other options for her spring break.  it's clear in the pictures below, that lincoln LOVES his aunt kelsey.  her name was the first and last words spoken out of his mouth as he woke up and went to bed.  
he was so excited when we took her to the airport, but only because he didn't quite understand and thought we were all going with her on the airplane.  there were lots of tears shed. and the whole next day he kept asking where she was. 

it's so hard to explain to a 2 year old how his aunt can be there all day every day for 5 days and then gone :(

but he LOVES going to the airport now because that means he gets to see a family member....since almost everyone who visits us has to fly.  

so here's a glimpse into our time with kelsey...

his matter-of-face face

unfortunately both lincoln and caedmon were sick the entire time she was there.  so a lot of our plans went out the window.  we felt so bad that most of our time was spent at home taking care of sick kiddos.  kelsey didn't mind though, she "goes with the flow" extremely well, thankfully :)

we played a lot of board games in the evenings....this particular night, caedmon was enamored with kelsey and just kept staring at her!

"kelsey, come play cars"
"come play tunnel, kelsey"
"kelsey, come play trains"
"kelsey, come play...."
and the list goes on and on.  
you must be prepared, if you come visit, lincoln will have you busy the whole time....playing with him of course :)
tunnel time...

after lincoln started feeling a little better and before caedmon got sick, Tyler took a vacation day on monday and we went to the zoo!  it's always so fun to see lincoln and how he reacts to seeing the animals.

the zoo should really have a dress code...
besides the man in pajama pants behind tyler and lincoln, there was a mom there with her family in a stapless, VERY short dress and high heels.  guess I didn't realize that the zoo was a formal event?

finishing by of course....playing more cars! 
kelsey, we LOVED having you!  so glad it's only less than 2 weeks until we see you again at Easter!

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