Thursday, April 19, 2012

embrace the camera {april 19}

I was going through my pictures from Easter {yes I'm just NOW getting to that!}
I found this one and it was perfect for today's embrace the camera over at emily's blog. 
If you've never embraced the camera, you should start....TODAY!  
Your kids are going to be looking back at pictures someday and will
want to see YOU with them in some of those pictures instead of always
behind the camera. 
It takes a little extra effort but it's so worth it!  
So what are you waiting for?  Go embrace! :)

embracing with Caed over Easter weekend
{I think that's the first time I've called him Caed on my blog instead of Caedmon
I love both names so I'm pretty sure they will get used interchangeably }


  1. Very cute ...looks like it's spring there with the trees in the background. your little guys is so cute!

  2. I am forever embracing the camera! In the end, it's really all we have to look back at our memories! Great picture!

  3. Your boys are precious! My boy is Lincoln too :)

  4. Lovely! Just wanted to encourage you to stop by and join in on the fun 12 Days of Capturing Motherhood Through Your Lens! You can join in for fun or for some fabulous prizes!