Saturday, April 21, 2012

caedmon {4 months}

4 months

Wow. 4 months?  seriously?  Dude you have GOT to slow down
on this whole getting bigger and older thing.  Ok?  I am not ok
with it going this fast!  
It's so true though what they say that the first few months
are the longest AND the shortest months of your life! 
Long, because of the plain fact of getting NO sleep.
Short, because you change so much in such a short time
that it all just goes by so fast!

Here you are at 4 months:
The quilt that he's laying on is from his Grandma R.! 
 Just like his older brother,
she bought him one from the NE MCC Sale.  
I LOVE it!  So cute!

Caedmon, at 4 months you:
-smile ALL the time!
-have long conversations with me...just
wish I knew what you were saying! :)
-still hate tummy time but will tolerate it 
for longer periods of time now
-haven't rolled over yet but I can tell
it's crossed your mind once or twice
-still love your carseat and still sleep
the best when you are in it.
-are sleeping through the night like a pro most nights
{I'll forget about that those couple weeks of
a growth spurt and ear infection, as long
as you keep this up!}
-puke every time I put you in the sitting position
your little tummy just has to figure out how to 
adjust for that position.  soon enough, it will.
so because of that you don't spend much time in your
bumbo yet.
-seriously love having your diaper changed
-just moved on up to size 2 diapers
-and out of 0-3 mo. clothes
- love watching your older brother
-are still swaddled in the "miracle blanket" every night
and put to bed awake.  You do a fabulous job of putting yourself
to sleep.  I'm impressed.
-have been on an airplane and mommy lived to tell about it
-still exclusively breast fed, planning to wait until 6 months
before introducing foods.
-eat every 3 hours still with usually one 4-5 hour stretch in the afternoon during your nap.

You are seriously the easiest and happiest baby ever!

13 lbs 4 oz. 14th percentile 
23 in. long 
not on the charts yet, but growing on his own preemie babies are short :) 
and a big head.  I can't remember how big she said it was. 40th percentile

at the pediatrician's office...waiting for our awesome Dr.

and this is what kept Lincoln occupied, Toy Story 3 on the itouch and his milk in hand.  We almost made it the whole appointment without any temper tantrums....[sigh.]

Here are some more shots from our little photo shoot the 
other day...

I love you so much sweet boy!  

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  1. Ah, seriously how much cuter could your little guy get?!! i love his facial expressions in those close-up photos! adorable!!