Tuesday, May 15, 2012

caedmon {5 months}

{5 months}

Caedmon at 5 months you...
are as happy as ever.
are talking up a storm.
are still getting up once during the night.
love naps and are swaddled still for both naps and at night
weigh 14 lbs 4 oz.
are starting some cereal (we just started last night so we'll see how that goes).

are still nursing really well.
are super laid back.
love playing on your play mat.
finally like sitting in the bumbo. 
(before you would spit up at even the thought of getting in the sitting position).
are still too short for the exersaucer. :)
are still thinking about rolling over but have only done it once from tummy to back.
wear size 2 diapers.
wearing 3-6 mo. clothes.

Go Huskers!

Love those baby blues