Thursday, May 17, 2012

embrace the camera {beach edition}

For mother's day this last Sunday I took the suggestion of my friend, Megan
and we went down to the beach and made asked Tyler politely to take pictures
of me with my babies.
It was so worth all the sandy mess that comes with going to the beach
(which I hate!)
I got some great pics of my sweet little family and I. 
so blessed.

making sand castles....well sorta.

my life right now.
holding one and chasing the other.
next year I'll be chasing both!

cutie patootie

super sweet.

wow, that's a lot of water.

my main squeeze.

pictures with these two = only me looking at the camera :)

another example.

running from the waves.

sand angels.


  1. love your dress and the little blond-haired accessories! you are blessed!

  2. Great pictures. The beach looks beautiful.

  3. These are ADORABLE...and you are one lucky mama to live so close to the ocean! I dream for this:)

  4. BEAUTIFUL!!! What a fun afternoon.

    Please tell me where your diaper bag comes from?? My Walmart special backpack is on its last leg & I need something better!