Wednesday, May 30, 2012

coffee date

today i'm going to have an blog-y coffee date with you all :)

if i had you over for coffee i would be having my new addiction - iced coffee 
in a giant glass and my fingers tightly grabbing onto it for dear life as if
caffeine were the only way I was going to survive the day.
some days it is. haha

so we would sit down with our coffee and chat.

I would tell you how much I love the new paint color in my living room.
like LURVE it!
about how I sometimes just go sit in there and stare at the newly painted walls
and sigh a huge sigh of happiness over this paint color.
you would probably laugh at me or in your head think I'm crazy....which I am.
and then I would ask you what you thought about me painting an accent wall by painting wallpaper on one of the walls 
like this
so whatdya think?  
should I do it?

I would also tell you about how I'm super excited that I'm 2 lbs away from 
my pre-Caedmon weight.  Yes, 2 lbs!  
I've gained a new respect for all those people who have lost a ton of weight.
I used to think that it only took working out.....nope.
Losing weight is all in the kitchen. eating. that's it.
THEN working out tones you.
that was my aha! moment.
It's not easy people and I only had like 20 lbs to lose
I had help from breastfeeding.
So maybe some of those people take reglan to induce lactating so they are 
burning more calories to help them lost weight? no?  
That's totally going to be the next diet scheme on infomercials now.
Maybe that's what they do on biggest loser.....kidding!

ok so now that you really think I'm crazy :)

next I would have to tell you about my newest favorite item
these sunless tanning towelettes from target.
they are awesome.
thanks goes to megan for introducing me to these gems.
I'm trying to stay out of the sun a little more (kinda)
I'm afraid all of my days of lifeguarding and being in the sun
all day, every day of summer is going to catch up to me and
bite me in the rear end with abnormal moles etc.
so far, so good but oh I was not smart and hardly ever wore much
for sunscreen.
so sunless tans are now my best friend!

I would start to get hungry and offer you a spoonful of cookie dough
from the fridge.
Yes I made a double batch of chocolate chip cookie dough and only made like 15 cookies.
I'm eating all the rest of the dough.
why in the world is losing weight so hard?! lol. oh right, you mean that huge spoonful of cookie dough is so bad for me on so many levels?! what?!

then we would probably talk about our kids,
because come on, they are a HUGE part of my life so they come up in
conversation quite frequently.

cutie patooties

I would tell you how close Caedmon is to rolling over...
and how I'm so nervous to potty train Lincoln.  
My goal is to do it in July right after his birthday.
that way our big trip to Nebraska for Seth and Kelsey's wedding is out of the way
(I'd rather put off bringing a potty chair with us one more time!)
Ugh. don't want to do it.
but I will....and you'd probably say something really encouraging to get me motivated :)

Then I'd start talking about how adoption is still on my heart.
How I've been looking at adoption agencies
and then getting discouraged when we don't meet qualifications....
most of the time we are too young for a lot of the countries.
and then I look at cost and I begin to break out in hives.
but then God's little voice whispers...
my heart is for the orphans as well, Marie. 
 Put your yes on the table and I will provide.
so we pray God will open doors and grow our family in his timing and 
however he wants to.  
we are willing.

and I would share with you that sweet baby J has been on my mind lately....
I wonder how he is doing....
if he's developing at the right pace...
if he's getting loved on...
held and cuddled....
I pray he hears about Jesus someday.... heart.

and then i would lighten it up again and we would dish about the bachlorette.
what do you all think?
who are you faves?
I think Kalon needs to be gone and I'm pretty sure Emily agrees.
"i like to hear you talk but just wish you would let me finish first" 
"i'm not used to having to share anything"
oh you have GOT to go.
I'm sure the producers made her keep him for the drama.
I think I like Arie and Jef.
I make Tyler watch it with me so I have someone to talk to about it 
he secretly enjoys it.

well by now i'm sure my cuppa iced coffee would be gone and my kids would be waking up from naps 
or needing to go down for a naps or eat lunch :)  

so nice chatting with you 
next time, coffee date, your place? :)


  1. Those tanning towels! So cool!! And girl, praying that the Lord leads you through the adoption phase!

  2. I am soooo trying out those tanning towels, I have been trying to be careful as well. I totally understand your desire for adoption, my hubby and I are in the process right now...praying that God provides and that he brings us the perfect child(s). Praying for you <3 Ha! and my husband secretly loves the bachelorette!

  3. Gotta try those tanning towels. Something about post post lifeguard 1999 makes me feel I have to be crispy, tan all summer. And who wore sunscreen back then?? And did you show us your living room already? Did I miss it! And definately wait to PT until after the trip. We have a big one in June & I'm even thinking I'll put my 1/2 PT boys in diapers for it! (don't tell!) Our plan was July too. And I hope it goes better for you than us, we have kind of regressed. Try the 3 day method?? Sarah @ Nurse Loves Farmer just did a big post about how well it worked for them.

    Meanwhile I eat a 220 calorie piece of a Panera Ring..... no weight loss here. Good for you!

    I'll do e-coffee with you anytime!

    1. I haven't posted pics yet of the living room, waiting to get a mirror and a couple other things hung on the walls (ahem, waiting on Tyler to hang them :) and then I'll post pics!

  4. Reading this post made me want to have an actual coffee date with you... let's plan one soon :)