Thursday, May 31, 2012

embrace the camera {may 31}

embracing with little brother today.
those cheeks.
oh my, those cheeks.
I just wanna eat 'em up.

just chillin' at the beach with my little man

a sneak of my living room.  mirror needs to be hung, 
folded laundry needs to be taken upstairs and put away,
and something needs to be hung on the empty wall behind us.

Caedmon helped me water the garden and flowers last night

linking up with emily today!


  1. Gotta love little boys. Thanks for sharing. Their names are very handsome.

  2. Great pictures of you and your boys. Just stopping by from Embrace the Camera.

  3. These are all great pictures! :-) some of my favorite pictures of Judah and I are ones I took while I was carrying him around in my maya sling and I would snap a quick picture :-)

  4. Aww I miss sling days with my son! I love that picture =)