Thursday, May 31, 2012

may photo challenge {days 16-31}

day 16: what you're reading
finally finished the last book in The Hunger Games
The first book was the best, second not quite as good but still good and the third took me 3 weeks to finish if that tells you how much I liked it :)

day 17: snack

day 18: something you made
these babies were 1/2 off in the dollar bin at Target and they were in pairs so each sign was $0.25.  I snagged them right up, added a little spray paint, finished with some chalk paint and I've got myself some cheap garden plant markers!

day 19: a favorite place
this might be my new favorite place to be on a Saturday morning:
the Farmer's Market!

day 20: something you can't live 
the silliness of this boy

day 21: where you stand
right here in our yard away from my son with the hose

day 22: pink
the only pink in our house is even blue! lol!

day 23: technology

day 24: something new

day 25: unusual
well it's not unusual that my house is messy but not usually THIS messy!, painting the living room!

day 26: 12 o'clock
just got done making squash for C

day 27: something sweet
sweet corn on the cob of course!

day 28: the weather today

day 29: a number
 2 boys talking about the morning dove sitting on our fence

day 30: your personality
laid back just like this dude

day 31: something beautiful

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