Friday, May 4, 2012

green smoothie recipe

Yummy green smoothie recipe!

This smoothie has 2 cups of spinach leaves in it and I couldn't taste ANY of it!  

Here's the awesome recipe:

1-2 bananas (I used 1)
frozen peaches; about a cup or so
frozen or fresh mango; I used 1/2 of one raw mango
couple handfuls of spinach; mine amounted to about 2 cups
water; enough to blend well

Blend for a LONG time to get all that spinach nice and pureed. 
Lincoln loved watching it all mix he said :)
Pour into a nice big glass, sit back and enjoy
{or take a sip here and there while avoiding balls being thrown through the air, wiping your shoulder of the spit up from the baby and answering your 2 year olds questions about which animals say which sounds}  
I love my chaotic life with a little something yummy tossed in the mix! :)

Next time I think I'll add some ground flaxseed for some extra omega-3's! 

and this little guy watched from his front row seat

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