Thursday, May 3, 2012

embrace the camera {may 3}

embracing the camera with this dude is getting harder and harder the older he gets.  i snuck in a picture as he held up his bag of cookies...

then I bribed {gasp!} him with fruit snacks to look at my phone and say "cheese!" so he did and this is what i end up with...
him with his "mid-cheese" face....oyi
i guess i'll have to settle for 50% of us looking at the camera...
and i give up, why should i look at the camera if he doesn't? :)


  1. ha ha - isn't that real life? sometimes it take 12+ pics for me to get a decent one! your little man's a sweetie, though, looking at the camera or not :)

  2. Hahaha! I've totally had to bribe my boys into pictures a time or two as well! Good to know i'm not the only one! =)

    Cute little man you have there.

  3. Haha, this is exactly how photos go with my daughter (bribes and all)! They are sweet photos, even if you couldn't get him to look. Stopping by from Embrace the Camera. Have a great day! (O:

  4. Cute pics! Love the mid cheese one. I bribe too, I asked my daughter for pictures in exchange for painting her toenails which she had asked me for for days.

  5. new follower and so glad I am. can't wait to keep following.

  6. what a cutie! i totally bribe my little girl to take pictures. haha. if it works, i'm not ashamed!

    just found your blog. it's nice to meet you!