Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Photo a Day

Day 1: Your Reflection

Day 2: Color

Day 3: mail

Day 4: someone who makes you happy
his new thing is to bring his blanket with him to breakfast
each morning because he's cold....this morning it was his "hat"

Day 5: tiny
tiny boy....big tractor

Day 6: lunch
kelsey's pampered chef shower 
we had some yummy food!

Day 7: shadow

Day 8:inside your wallet
Tyler bought me this wallet 3 1/2 years ago
he picked it out all by himself, I was impressed!

Day 9: younger you

Day 10: cold
ice cold vanilla dr. pepper while crafting :)

Day 11:where you ate breakfast
this is actually lunch but the same place that I ate breakfast
my mom's kitchen.  These are the 4 kiddos Hope nanny's for eating lunch with Lincoln

Day 12: stairs
Lincoln's idea of stairs....king of the mountain!

Day 13: something you found
we found this carousel museum
and had a fun morning with Grandma Hunni 
and Papa Jay

Day 14: how you feel today

Day 15:sunset

Day 16: flower
so it's not quite a flower but a leaf is close 
enough, right? :)

Day 17:something you don't like
making my grocery list

Day 18: hair
pony tail day

Day 19: orange
grocery shopping with just Caedmon this day
thanks to a friend watching Lincoln

Day 20: something you drew
Lincoln wanted me to draw a pig and a dinosaur
I know, I know you're asking yourself, 
"why is the world is she not selling her artwork?!"

Day 21: bottle

Day 22:the last thing you bought

Day 23: vegetable
technically tomatoes are a fruit but the peppers are 
a veggie!

Day 24:something you're grateful for
a hubby who's a fantastic daddy :)

Day 25: looking down
Caedmon chillin' while I work on my new curtains

Day 26: black + white

Day 27: somewhere you went
I babysit for an hour a week and get to workout for free! 

Day 28: 1pm
didn't make it to Jazzercise today so Jillian got the
privilege of kicking my bootie. 

Day 29: circle

Day 30: something that makes you sad
and my hubby isn't home from work yet :(

And just like that, another month has come and gone.  
Wow, time is just flying by and summer will be here before
I know it!  

I've had so much fun doing these photo a day challenges.  
I can't wait to see what May brings!

Here are the prompts for each day in May if you
want to join me!

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  1. I love all of these! Lincoln in the big ole tire, your curtains, and a Pampered Chef Shower...so cool!