Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"are we there yet?!?!" -mommy :)

I bet you've noticed it's been a bit quiet around here for the past 10 days or so.  We took a trip back to Nebraska for Kelsey and Seth's wedding last Saturday.  We were gone for a week and I had all these glorious plans of writing up a bunch of posts ahead of time and scheduling them for while we were gone but then time got away from me and packing/cleaning before we left took over.  

 lots and lots of laundry to fold and pack

It was quite the interesting trip.  We took our time driving there and actually took a little detour down to Springfield, IL to stay the night with Uncle Jarrod and his fiance Sarah.  Until then we had always driven through the night but Tyler hadn't been getting much sleep and that morning he had gotten up at 3:30am to be at work at 5am.  Then because of unforeseen circumstances, he worked until 5pm and we didn't get left earlier like we had wanted.  So we decided it would be smartest to take a break and we were excited to see Jarrod and Sarah as well, it had been over a year! (because Caedmon was born around Christmas, we were unable to travel back) 

The next morning before we left, Lincoln got to help Uncle Jarrod get ready for work.  
This was so precious. 

of course both the boys were sick for this trip.  it seems like it's inevitable that both or one of 
them will get sick before a big trip or even when any of our family comes to visit.  
so breathing treatments were an accessary for this trip

during the times that the boys were both content, this was my reading material. 
I can't say enough about how MUCH I love this book.  She is just constantly speaking so much truth
in this book that is hard to hear at times but so, so good.  

taking a break fro his carseat

one of many diaper changes in the car :)
as long as he's out of his carseat, he's all smiles.  he was the one we had the most
trouble with on this trip.  he just got sick of his carseat (which is understandable!) and would cry...and cry and cry.  poor little dude.  

"running" Lincoln on one of our many breaks

a historic day for our good ole van :)

 a couple miles from the farm....we finally made it!
this is such a refreshing sight to see

I'll be posting more pictures of our trip and of course of the WEDDING, later this week! 
I can't wait to share about Kelsey and Seth's special day.  The day was beautiful, she was beautiful and they are so in love.  The ceremony was perfect.  

stay tuned! 

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