Friday, June 8, 2012


Instagram has been my newest obsession.
I always have my phone with me and so snapping pictures through out the 
day is super easy....I just wish my droid's camera snapped the pictures faster!
With a squirmy 2 (almost 3) year old, I often miss those cute moments but
for now I'll just settle for the "after moments" :)

Here's a peak into what our week has been like...

Napping baby

big john deere hats

watering the flowers around the house is a lot more fun with company!

he was helping me organize my shoes and decided these needed to be broken
in a little more

on the ride home from the zoo, think he had a good time? :)
I was letting him look at old cd's 

the polar bear was up and walking around


getting ready to roll over!

lucas and lincoln at "touch a truck"

brother's and batman ?

it's a little dark but I loved how he was standing there 
drinking his milk with one hand in his pocket

hiding in the pantry

helping me make cookies

what a great big brother

chunky monkey

mouth full of juicy watermelon

so there's our random daily life put into pictures.
if you want to follow me on instagram I'm @thelincbetweenus

hope you all have a great weekend! 


  1. Caedmon is getting to big! love your pictures. :)

  2. Jealous of your awesome pantry. Looks like a fun place to play, too. :)

  3. Such sweet pictures! I Love Instagram!! It is all I use.