Tuesday, June 26, 2012

caedmon {6 months}

6 months old.
wow, you're practically an old man already!
well not really but it feels like you will be
before I know it.
Like I'll blink and you'll be 18 and ready to move out 
of our house and go to college.
Ok, I'm getting teary, not gonna think about that.

Moving on...
So at 6 months:

you are starting to babble more at us
still get up once in the night to nurse
I know your old enough now that this shouldn't be happening and I've tried "cry it out" (which I am all for) a couple times but you are just starving.   I'm hoping now that we've officially started solids that it'll help you sleep longer but until then
it's ok with me, I get some extra cuddle time with you
that way
you take 1-3 naps a day: a short one in the morning 20-30 minutes,
a really long one early afternoon 2-3 hours,
and a short late afternoon/early evening one for 30-45 minutes.
your morning nap is usually in your carseat as I tote you around everywhere we go (second child!)
for your afternoon nap you almost always roll over to your tummy, but at night you sleep on your back.
sometimes if we're out and about all morning and you don't sleep at all you'll take a really long (like 4 hours) nap and that's it for the day.

oh yeah did I forget to mention?  you are rolling over now, both ways. :)

you are still super laid back
and the happiest baby ever.
the only time you cry is if you are super hungry or sometimes just a little before you fall asleep if you're over tired. 

You've tried squash and cereal so far and I've got carrots and sweet potatoes on the list to try next...just need to whip up a batch of each and get it in the freezer!

you are still in size 2 diapers and wear a size 3 at night.

wearing 6-9 month clothes

you weigh 15 lbs 9 oz. (10th percentile)
27 in. long (65th percentile)
long and lean :)

you eat around 8am, 11:30am, 2:30pm, 5:30pm, 7:30pm, a dream feed whenever I go to bed, and then usually wake up in the night between 2:30-4:30.

If I give you a bottle you will suck down 6, almost 7 oz, in one feeding....you're kind of a pig :)  In the cutest way possible!

you've started to like your bumbo more and don't spit up everytime I put you in it now.

you love playing in the exersaucer.

you have found your hands and it's so fun to watch you concentrate so hard to reach for and grab a toy hanging in front of you. 

you being born 5 weeks early is starting to show 
itself, especially at your 6 month appointment.
Dr. saw that developmentally you are more at the 4-5 months stage.  Which is totally normal and she's not worried at all, because you were a month early.  She said it's easy to forget because you are doing well otherwise.  
You are no where close to sitting on your own and your shoulders are still pulled back kinda in a sprawled out fashion (does that make sense? no?) 
But those will come, in your own time :)

Caedmon you are such a delight.  I can't remember what life was like before you got here.  It seems like you've just been around all along.  You fit so perfectly into our family and I'm so blessed God saw fit for me to be your mommy. I'm really trying to sit back and enjoy every single little moment with you because I know the time just goes too fast.  I am excited to see you grow and watch your little personality shine through at each stage and milestone.  I love you so much, my heart just might burst. :)

love, mommy.

no editing on this one, just look at those baby blues...

blowin' bubbles


  1. What a cutie! Loved his 6 month update and darling pictures. What a sweetie!

  2. OMG Marie...he couldnt be any cuter!