Friday, June 29, 2012

Insta Friday

I'm linking up with Life Rearranged 's Insta Friday today
here are the happenings from the past week or so....

brothers loungin'.

freezer cooking day.....for the babe :)
avacados (you can freeze them!  who knew?!)  I got them all for $0.33 a pieace at Aldi's this past week!
Carrots - $5 for 5lbs of organic carrots.  not bad!
Sweet potatoes!  yum

look what came in the mail!  can't wait to start this book.
so many friends have raved about how good it is!

splash pad fun with friends.
lincoln and kayleigh playing catch, or trying to :)

my baby chillin'

lincoln and delaney.....sittin' in a tree :)  hehe

color sorting fun!

sleepy baby....oh I just want to cuddle him all day long!!!

just another day in paradise :)  love my life and all the mess it brings

dream feed for the Caed-man

we went to a playdate and swam in the Brody's backyard.
I changed Lincoln out of his swimsuit when we were ready to leave.
I pack up all our stuff, grab Caedmon and look for Lincoln.
Where is he?
Oh of course he's in his not-so-dry-anymore-clothes in the middle of the pool.
So he went home in his diaper :)

so what have you been up to this week?

life rearranged


  1. Sweet baby! So, I had no idea either that you could actually freeze avocados! I'm so surprised their consistency won't change when you defrost!

  2. You should cuddle your babe all day long! Before you know it your oldest will be 10 and your baby will be 6 - gasp! Enjoy your precious little ones and the mess they make :) I haven't heard of that book, I think I'll check it out!