Saturday, June 30, 2012

seth and kelsey {wedding}

Lincoln and Aunt Kelsey before the wedding

 Kelsey and her two older brothers

My mom and sister were such an AWESOME help that whole day!

"where is she taking me now?!" -caedmon

 while Tyler and I try a "switch-a-roo" between picks, Seth is checking out his soon to be bride from behind :)

 my amazing in-laws

me- "Lincoln I can't carry both of you"
Lincoln - "yes you can mom!  you underestimate your abilities"

 siblings again

 the bride and groom with her parents

Caedmon loves his uncle Jarrod!

 with my sis-in-law and soon to be sis-in-law!

with the ring bearers and flower girl

 with my hott hubby

I was feeding Caedmon during these pictures and it apparently took quite awhile for Lincoln to stand still for the picture.  He was a wreck that day......thank you very much sickness and lack of sleep.

love my sister

 and then that's all the pictures I got until the cake cutting at the reception...

Seth was not very nice!

so Kelsey had to get him back

at least he helped clean her up :)

"you're gonna pay for this!" -kelsey :)

first dance as husband and wife

 this is right before he crashed.
he got so tired he would stop dancing, lay on the floor
for a minute.
get back up and dance a little.
and lay back down. 
poor guy.

and that's the end of the pictures I got for the day.  I wish I would've been able to get more of the ceremony.  It was such a beautiful ceremony and it was so refreshing to see the raw emotion that was seen in both the bride and groom.  Such love birds.  :)

We pray that God will richly bless you two as 
you begin your new life together!  

We love you!

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