Friday, June 22, 2012

the pre-wedding festivites

getting the reception building all decorated on Thursday

somebody found the candy jars for the candy bar, and decided he could just help himself!
{that wipes box to the right was with him everywhere that week.  it held about 10 of his "Car movie" cars.  the box is ugly, this I know, trust me, but it was a life saver so many time!}

 terrible phone picture quality.
Kelsey working on the center pieces and Tyler doing nothing.....hmmmm.
I had to joke about that because that is NOT how Tyler is at all!   If there is something to be done, 
his is doing it.  Never having to be asked but always looking for ways to help out.  
Always asking if there is something more to do to help out.

yep. back in small town America 
no there wasn't a parade that day :)

'nough said.

pedicures with the fam.  such a fun day!

kelsey (bride), sarah (future sis-in-law) and myself 
being silly on the way home from getting pedicures

Lincoln hanging out with aunt kelsey at rehearsal

this woody toy was the pillow Lincoln carried down the aisle for rehearsal.
this one is actually better than the one he carried down day of the wedding!  that kid.

boston and lincoln walking running down the aisle.
hence the blurred pic
if you look closely, the actual ringbearer pillow is tucked between
woody and rex. lol

lincoln thought he needed to be on stage with kelsey :)
this didn't last long

sweet Maddie was the flower girl and she did such a great job!

"let's do this!"

I love how they are looking at each other in this one!

the beginning of such a FUN weekend!

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  1. Aww! Rehearsals are so fun--it's cool to see everyone in the same position that they'll be in the next day, only all relaxed and dressed more casually...