Friday, July 13, 2012

Insta Friday

a peak into our lives this week....

Naptime for Buzz and Spiderman
Sidenote: that Buzz toy was the BEST garage sale score this year.
I know you're like, "come on, a toy?  really marie?  surely you've found something better than THAT?!
Well yes I have but the price comparison on it is uh-mazing!  In stores, brand new it is $39.99.
I got it for.....drumroll please.....
And it's in like new condition, all the buttons work and everything!

This little piggy went to market...

Not sure that is suppose to be happening...

The beauty of naptime and baby monitors

"mom, come take a picture of us together!"
awww....brotherly love

moved one from mommy's high heels to daddy's five finger running shoes

Even super heros need to travel safely in the car

"I don't want a free drink from Starbucks!" -said no one ever. :)

Got my "diy-ing" on today and made me some foam hand soap.
SUPER DUPER easy peasy.
Fill bottle 1/3 full with soap and then rest with water.
Put lid on and shake.
That's IT!  
Bring on the savings!

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