Tuesday, July 17, 2012

my sissy and her hubby came to visit!

4 days....
we got 4 whole days to spend with 
my lovely sister and her awesome hubby.
Lincoln was in heaven and so was I.

We spent a couple evenings eating out on the patio and I remember thinking, as we were getting it all ready, I so wish we could do this on a regular basis. 
I even pictured it in my head. 
Them coming over for another dinner hanging out with us and
playing with my boys.
Ahhh....the sweet, sweet blessing it would be to have family
close by.
I ache for it.  Pray for it and hope for it to be in our future 
somewhere down the road.
For those of you with family close by.....cherish it because I envy you so much.

Ok so now about our time together :)
Hope was super excited to get some Munchie, Manchies, Menchies again!

We stayed up late (late is a relative term for us old folks) :)  playing games and watching movies

celebrated this guy's 3rd birthday

....by going to the beach in the morning

and "swimming" in Lincoln's new pool in the afternoon
Hope, how's the burn feeling?

This was just the first 2 days....lots more fun and photos to come!

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