Wednesday, July 18, 2012

caedmon {7 months)

My little man, you are starting to be not so little anymore.
Everyday you seem to become less and less baby.
I feel time slipping between my fingers 
and I just want to hold onto it longer.
You are a growing boy and I am loving
every minute of watching you grow.
Learning new things each day like....
reaching and grabbing.

for anything and everything that
might make it's way within your reach.
mostly it's my neck and face as you nurse.
which reminds me I need to clip your nails again 
because those loving scratches are starting to hurt! :)


you are so close!
within the last week you went from absolutely no
trunk control and now you are able to keep yourself
from falling backward or forward,
but still working on that side to side control.

pushing yourself up.

when on your belly your arms are now fully
extended pushing yourself up as far as you possibly can.
you look like you are gonna just crawl away each time you do that.


you are telling me lots and lots.
someday I'll be able to understand it :)


in your exersaucer.
you get going pretty good in there.
and it's so fun when you get giggling pretty loud 
at the same time!


you are eating so well!
You get 3 cubes of baby food from the freezer
every evening during supper 
and most nights you gobble it right up!

and here are a few more pictures of Caed at 7 months...

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  1. I just wanna squeeze him. Do that for me, please?