Thursday, July 19, 2012

embrace the camera {july 19}

We have set up camp at home and started the potty training process with Linc-man.
Yesterday was day 1 and we were 50/50 on accidents and successes and he stayed dry during his nap even!  I was so proud!  It's exhausting watching him like a hawk and looking for his cues.  It's such a roller coaster for me all day getting so excited as he has success and then second guessing everything I'm doing when he has multiple accidents in a row, not being bothered by an accident and then not being able to tell me if he's dry or wet when I ask him.   It's so much work for me, I can't imagine how tiring it's gotta be for him!

I know he's ready physically but second guessing whether he's mentally ready.  
He didn't understand that when he poops in the potty he gets a new car (right away.  I have a stash all ready for this and when I say "new" I mean new to him, I got them at a resale, boo-ya!)
Anyways he's not motivated to use the potty for his candy rewards or cars....

Rethinking all this and maybe I need to take a different approach?
Advice from any of you seasoned moms out there?
It's not going terrible, it's just not going how I thought it would with him.
I know it's a process and can be a longer process for some kids than others.

Moving on to embracing the camera....
 Both of us are still smiles half way through the day today, thankfully!

This little dude is SO content.  Seriously.  Doesn't make a peep all day unless he's hungry or tired. 
I. am. spoiled.

Hangning out by our potty chair all day on day 1.  It followed us everywhere that day :)

He has to line the cars up to "look at him" at meal times but he doesn't get to play with them.
Of course he wanted to do the same when using the potty.
Hey whatever works!  

This is serious potty business! :)


  1. aww he looks so big sitting on the potty! Where did the time go??

  2. Its a process.... it has to finally "click" kind of like feeding preemies ;) Patience. Up & downs....

  3. Oh goodness... I remember the potty training days... and soon I will be starting all over! :) I always did M&Ms with my girls and that seemed to work. I remember carrying one of those potty seats around in my big purse with me everywhere we went so they could still go when we were out and about - ha! :)

  4. The only one you're 'training' right now is yourself! Doesn't sound to me like he's ready yet. Give yourself a break and try again in a few months.

  5. When I was getting frustrated trying to potty train my kiddo, a friend of mine told me that she doesn't potty train. She said she's never wanted to deal with the messes so when the kids were ready they would just do it on their own. She has 5 kids with #6 on the way. The four oldest are all PT with the littlest one being not yet 2. It freed me up from being stressed with my own when I couldn't get her to do it. But once my friend's then newly 3 year old decided to PT my own newly 3 year old did too!
    If that doesn't work for ya I did see some really great books on Pinterest that talk about PTing in one day. Good luck to you either way. I know it can be frustrating.

  6. If you read my potty training with Braden, you know we did the 3 day method and I swear by it! That's my advice!