Friday, July 20, 2012

insta friday and watch HGTV tonight!

It's Friday and here's my "photo dump" from the week...

Two littles snuck into my bed with me


"shhh I have Spiderman and my brother doesn't know it yet"

just being creative in how we play with toys

awww so sweet....

...but not for long!  didn't you know this was a dental exam, daddy?! 

Birthday party bowling pins made with paper mache and pop bottles by my friend Evy

Lucas and Lincoln playing with the pink doll house....nbd :)

snuggles with Miss Meredith AND they match :)

starting to figure out this sitting up business and I like it!

"Air Jordan"

Oh and tonight on HGTV tune in at 9pm cst/10pm est to see my bloggy friend Ruthie and her Hubby on "House Hunters!"  I'm so excited to watch them and see their beautiful home!  

Go here to read up on their "House Hunters" process!


  1. I am so excited your friends are going to be on that show tonight; I will definitely be watching! That is one show I have been constantly watching as I am on bed rest, and actually just a couple weeks ago I went to the site to see if we could somehow get on it - ha! :)

  2. My favorite picture is of Caedmon smiling in his bouncy with the spiderman!!!!!! hahaha oh boys. and THANK YOU for sharing about HH!!!! YAY!