Friday, July 27, 2012


It's insta-friday and here are all the instagrams (plus some others) I took this week.
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here is a glimpse into our past week....

Lincoln teaching Caedmon all about this music table....don'tcha love how
he wears his sunglasses? :)

Mom's night out!  Half of our table eating before the show.

Right across the street was the theater.  

The other half of our table!

a group shot after "Mama Mia"  Love these ladies!  
It was such a fun night, we need to do this more often! 

Sunday afternoon at the park/beach wtinessing 10 people get baptized in Lake Erie and 
enjoying a cookout afterward.  
Jack and Heidi relaxing on the grass

leaving the beach.  both are tired, sandy and dirty.  successful trip!

sweet cheeks

Lincoln CORRECTION Caedmon :), Ava and Hayden chillin' at Jazzercise

Spending the morning with Alex and Addie

afternoon sunshine

Quinn loves babies.  Caedmon loves slobbering on anything!  perfect match :)

first produce from my garden!  I've got 3 more almost ready and a ton of green tomatoes!  

popcorn at 10am?  sure why not?

somedays, your coffee just needs a silly straw :)

my boys.  I'm am one blessed momma and wife.

Don't mind the frazzled hair!  That's what I look like after a day of chasing around my 
very energetic 3 year old :)

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Hope you all have a great weekend!!

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  1. Look at you picture at Jazzercise.... then look at the names you put? Hehe.