Thursday, July 26, 2012

embrace the camera {july 26}

 Caedmon is embracing with his momma today.

Also embracing his slower (but normal) development.
This may sound weird but I love it.
I get a baby just a little bit longer.
And I'm cherishing him just as he is today.
{oh and I don't have to chase around a crawling baby just yet}
God gave me premature boys who like to take their sweet time with milestones.
I've had to learn...
but I'm okay with that :)
embracing and loving every minute of it.


  1. The second time want everything to SLOW down and savor the time when they aren't mobile yet before you end up chasing two! Cute picture!


  2. This is so sweet. Slowing down is something I have to remind myself to do everyday. Usually I fail but I wake up and try again. Your baby is beautiful :)

  3. Yes, great perspective life gets cray with a crawler embrace that bubba!:)

  4. So happy to have found your blog today :) You have a beautiful family.