Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lincoln's Birthday

I know it's been a couple weeks but here are the pictures (finally!) from Lincoln's actual Birthday.
We spent the day with Hope and Derek, Lincoln got to open a couple presents from them and us, we sang to him, ate brownies instead of cake and went to his first Indians baseball game.

This bat and baseball was such a great gift! (Thanks Hope and Derek!)  He absolutely LOVES it! 
I've had to make a new rule that he only gets to play with it outside though.  
For Caedmon's and my house's safety :)

Uncle Derek and Caedmon watching Lincoln try to blow out his candle


Snuck in a quick family photo before we headed off to the game

We didn't anticipate how long it would take us to get downtown for the game (we were at a stand still on the highway for a long time) so we got there about an hour late. Our tickets were at the very top row (talk about a workout carrying an almost 30lb kid! Jazzercise needed that day! ha!)
I think Lincoln was in awe of it all at first...
Oh and did I mention it was 100+degrees that evening. yuck.
just gets even better...

because of everything else I had to think about, I had forgotten about checking Lincoln's diaper to see if he needed changed.....
he wet through it, and through his shorts.  Of course I don't bring any extra clothes for him anymore so what are we gonna do?  Caedmon had shorts on and we thought, what the heck, we'll try it...
Lincoln wore Caedmon's shorts the rest of the night.
yes, my 3 year old still fits into 6-12 month shorts. wow, kid go eat a burrito. :)

Caedmon was pretty chill the whole evening, considering 
how hot and uncomfortable he probably was

He started getting bored around the 6th or 7th inning and was crawling on the disgusting floor under our seats.  Hey it kept him occupied for a good 30 minutes!

They would shoot off fireworks randomly between innings etc, and the suddenness of them 
would always startle Lincoln.  They were super loud, I don't blame the kid.
It was really adorable though when he did this...

brothers takin' in their first pro baseball game together :)

9th inning, waiting for the fireworks to start....
I think we were all pretty ready to leave at this point :)

But it was so worth it to stay because their fireworks show was one of the best I've
ever seen!  They were even superhero themed so Lincoln enjoyed that!

We had a great day celebrating our little man.  He sure wears me out but I love every minute of it :)


  1. I bet he LOVED the fireworks! Hey he was more entertained than I would have been at a long baseball game :)

  2. Tell me about those wall hangings by the mirror? Did you make them? I want to make a comfortor for Livi sometime that looks like that.

    Looks like a fun birthday!!