Tuesday, July 24, 2012

alex {newborn}

I had the privilege of taking newborn pictures of this sweet, sweet little guy.  My friend Malinda trusted me enough to test out my photog skills I've been learning lately on her 11 day old, Alex.  

I was pretty nervous, I'll have to admit since this was my first newborn photo shoot.  Alex was wide awake when we first started but after eating once, or twice :) he fell fast asleep and was happy to "pose" for me.  

So here are my favorites.....ENJOY!


  1. you did awesome! that football one at the end? oh my word!

  2. OMG MARIE! These are amazing! Seriously drooling. What lens did you use for the black and white one with the rings on his toes!?

  3. THIS Nana APPROVES!!!!!! :D Simply Breath-taking... LOVE them ALLLLLL