Friday, July 6, 2012

"You ready to have your baby?"

Three years ago that was the question that preceded the moment that changed my life forever.
In that moment my answer was a quick, "no!"  It's not time yet.  I haven't had time to
mentally prepare myself for this.  
She looked at me with confusion as I had just spent 7 weeks in a hospital bed with nothing
better to do but mentally prepare myself for this exact moment.

She had no real urgent medical reason at that time to rush me back to surgery.
But she heard God's voice telling her it was right.
I never questioned.
It was surreal.

Three hours later I was a mom.
To  a tiny 3 lb 6oz baby boy with stronger lungs than anyone thought possible.

You blew them all away and still are.
You were the healthy one that had to come to me as I battled.
But like always, His timing was not a minute too soon or a minute too late.
We both are so blessed to have each other.

I still don't know why God chose to bring you into the world the way he did.
But I know you are a fighter.
You have been from the beginning, you had to be.

You remind me how to enjoy life.  Really enjoy it.
To savor each moment, each day.
As each are truly a gift....not promised to us but graciously given each morning.
Learning to hold you with an open hand early on was hard but learning that I will 
always have to hold you like that was even harder.
I will cherish today.
And today you are 3.
3 challenging, but unbelievably wonderful years.

We love you Linc!


  1. oh Marie I am getting chills reading this...happy birthday to your big boy!

  2. BEAUTIFLY written!
    Happy Birthday Lincoln. Hope your day is amazing as you are!

  3. Absolutely beautiful Marie! Celebrating 3 wonderful years with you and God's blessings all around!