Thursday, August 30, 2012

embrace the camera {aug. 30}

Lots of embracing going on around these parts today!
I have quite a few pictures that I jumped in while we were on our trip....

Caedmon and I watching Linc man and Uncle Trey play on the inflatable at Air Zone

Waiting and watching for Uncle Derek and Aunt Hope to get to Gma and Gpa's house one evening after work

Caed and I at Smithville Lake.....
I love his expression here, cracks me up!

Linc and I waiting on Gma Hunni's front porch for our friends

we went to the zoo Cabela's!

swinging on gma Hunni's back porch

Camel ride!

spent the night at Hope and Derek's house

back home with daddy!  
Caedmon was overcome with too much emotion to look at the camera


  1. awww love all these pictures of you and your guys :-)

  2. Such sweet pictures! New blog follower via The Anderson Crew: Embrace the Camera.