Thursday, August 23, 2012

embrace the camera with my sibs {aug. 23}

for the past week and a half we've been having fun here in KC with my family.
I've gotten to hang out with both my siblings....catching up with my sis.
She's a nanny for 4 sweet little kiddos and so she brought them all to
mom and dad's house one day so they could play with Lincoln and we could hang out :)
Thankful she has a fairly flexible job :)
She puts me to shame.....I've only got 2 kiddos and I'm exhausted.
She watches 4 kids all day and does it all gracefully.  You can tell they love her so much!
She's gonna make one great momma some day!

It was so cool that it worked out for us all to be together for at least one night while Trey was back!
It was so good to see him, it had been since Easter since I saw him and even then it was just at our Grandma's house for a couple for long distances.
I know he loves hanging out with me....dontcha Trey?!  Just admit it, you have a cool big sis. (2 cool big sis's for that matter!)
He caught me up on all things Nashville/music/school/roommates/work
I love hearing all about his life down in Nashville where everything revolves around music,
it's all so foreign to me.  
He's got all sorts of stories!
Hopefully sometime we can make it down there to visit!

Oh remember when I posted about one of his songs he just recorded?  Well his ep cd is out now!  
Super cool.  

my "little" brother who towers over me

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  1. Oh goodness, I miss all 3 of you. I can't believe Trey is like, a grown up. :) Crazy.