Friday, August 17, 2012

insta friday

Here's our week through instagram...

the best way to play with a train table

me and sweet Caedmon

a new Italian Chicken crockpot dinner we tried.....yum!
"look mom, it's Bob!"  "now I'm going to eat him"  ahhhhh attack of the 3 year old
"on your marks"

Caedmon was pretty tired but wanted to stay up to watch the Olympics instead while
we were at our friends' house

Sunday best!

nap time fashion show

challenge: only take one suitcase for the boys and I for 2 week in KC.....done! :)

waiting our turn to board the plane

my heart is happy

special time with "wunkle Trey" one morning

little fishies taking a dip in Gma's pool

happy boys!


  1. Braden would crawl up on his train table and play that way too if I let him. Something about boys and trains, hey?!

  2. those suspenders are adorable!