Wednesday, August 15, 2012

caedmon {8 months}

8 months
Today you are 8 months old.  
only 4 more until you are ONE.  
It'll be here before I know it.  

At 8 months you are...
kind of sitting, still working on that trunk strength.
I found Lincoln's Physical Therapy sheets from when he was 8 months (6 months adjusted)
We were working on sitting with him at this age too.  
I've been using the tips and tricks the PT's wrote about, with you.  
It seems like forever ago that your brother was this age and I was all worried about his
development and if he was on track or not.
Now I'm so much more laid back.  You'll sit when you're ready, crawl when you're ready and walk when you're ready.  :)

Speaking of being laid back, you are super chill.
Like almost to a fault. 
I think that's why you aren't interested in crawling yet because 
for the most part you are content just laying/rolling around :)

aaaaand we fell over :)

You've gotten pretty good at eating and LOVE bananas.
Too bad you're digestive system doesn't like them though :(  
I've had to stop them for awhile.
But you've had bananas, avacado, squash, carrots (stopped these too) peas, peaches, prunes and prune juice.
Right now you get solids once a day.

still breast feeding (yay!) another month past my goal, I'll take it! :)
My new goal is to make it the whole year.  

you are wearing 9 month clothes
size 3 diapers during the day and we're going to have to start wearing
size 4 at night! (you're brother wears size 4 fyi)

you have a bottom tooth that's trying to poke it's way out and
it's giving you a pretty hard time.  :(

you are also babbling a little more.  No definite mama or dada yet but you make sure
you are heard!

Baby boy you make life so much fun.  I dream of the day you and Lincoln can actually play together in the backyard.  I can't wait to see that kind of interaction between the two of you.  Now I'm not thinking it's going to all be rainbows and butterflies, I know you two will fight and not get along at times but I pray you are the best of friends.  There is something special about the bond between brothers.  I pray you both grow up to be men of God.  Striving to love and serve Him above all else.  I pray for your future spouse someday (yes already praying for that!)  because picking the right spouse is so important. I pray for her and that her parents are teaching her about Jesus and showing her the love that she needs and deserves.   

 I love you so much little boy!  

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