Friday, August 3, 2012


Do you like a little random in your life?
Well here's a post to fill that random quota for your day...

I was annoyed with my hubby this past weekend for being a perfectionist (I'm definitely not one when it comes to certain things) and his comeback to me was, "If I wasn't such a perfectionist, I wouldn't of married you....boom."  Awww what a sweetie.  His comebacks are even compliments :)

We are obsessed with watching the Olympics.  Like OBSESSED!  It's so fun watching all these amazing athletes compete!  Have you seen the commercial (not sure what it's even for) but it shows different olympic athletes and each of them are saying things like, "I haven't had dessert in 2 years," "I haven't watched TV since last summer."  etc....  Tyler saw it and was like, "no wonder I'm not an olympian!  sheesh! I couldn't figure out why?!" LOL  we love our desserts and TV too much apparently :)

Watching the women's indoor volleyball team play is really making me miss playing.  I played all through high school and a couple years in college and loved it.  What's cool though is that I "know" one of the players, Jordan Larson.  Of course I watched her play when she played for Nebraska in college but she's a year or two younger than me and we played against each other in high school.  Thought that was kinda cool :)

We need to get our budget back under control so we've declared August our financial "detox" month.  haha.  Cutting WAY back on spending.  Not spending money on anything besides the necessities.  No eating out except for our date night on the 18th, not buying clothes, crafting supplies, nothing.  It's gonna be a looooooong month :)

I've been pretty "home" sick lately.  Or rather "family-sick."  It really, really, REALLY sucks that we live so far away from them.  I just wish we were a drivable distance for just me to pack up the boys and drive.  But 12 and 16 hours is just too far for me to do by myself.  Trust me I've considered that 12 might be okay.  And then there's the price of plane tickets.  Since Lincoln is over 2, we of course have to pay for him.  Every time we fly it's at least $500.  I WISH we just had that laying around to fly whenever we like :(

The new show "Guys with Kids" looks hilarious.  

I'm putting together Lincoln's Big Boy Room and I'm at a loss as to what kind of bed I should get/make for him.  I'm considering just staining a couple pallets to make a headboard for him, or maybe just doing a book shelf "border" around the bed?  oh the possibilites :)  But of course, nothing is being bought for this until at least September 1. 

I am so excited for fall to get here.  We haven't had the extreme heat like the midwest has but it's been hot enough and frankly I just LOVE fall.  The cooler weather, football, cardigans, boots, lattes, pumpkin everything!  Oh I just love it all. :)

So I hope you enjoyed my bit of random for the week, happy weekend to you! 

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