Monday, August 6, 2012

menu plan Monday

So ever since Caedmon was born I got lazy on my grocery shopping, one could even go as far to say that I hated strongly disliked it.  It's time consuming and exhausting for me with two kiddos.  
Seriously we go usually on Monday or Tuesday mornings and by the time we get home (usually after only going to one store! two if I'm feeling really energetic!) and by the time we get home and I've unloaded it all and put it all away, I'm ready for nap time.  

So I've let things slip a little and we've gone over budget most months but now I'm getting the frugal itch back and I'm motivated to get back into coupon clipping and shopping the deals.  

I'm so overwhelmed with all the research I've been doing on food lately.  Overwhelmed with all the yuck we've been eating and trying to figure out how to incorporate clean, organic meals and fit the higher expenses into our budget.....and I'm getting frustrated!  Also really watching our sugar intake.  It's in EVERYTHING. 
(insert hubby who isn't so excited about all these changes) :)

Anyways here's our menu for the week:

MONDAY:  Leftovers from Sunday

TUESDAY:  Chicken, Bacon Guac Quesadillas again :) yum!

FRIDAY:  Spaghetti

SATURDAY:  homemade pizza

SUNDAY:  Snack-y supper with our Life Group, I'm going to make hummus to take. 

I'm also going to make a bunch of meatballs to put in the freezer, blend up a couple batches of smoothies to freeze in muffin tins and stock up in the freezer and blow the dust off of my bread machine and make some whole wheat bread.  


  1. LOL, Marie, I have to admit this made me laugh. What kind of yuck have you been eating? I've never heard food called "yuck" but thats what I'm going to start calling it when I eat crap!.....ha!

    p.s. when Abbey and I were little and Mom stayed home, she made Dad grocery shop, 50 hours a week and all.....just saying ;-)

  2. I don't have kids and I hate grocery shopping! But I do love to cook so it is kind of a necessity. :) I know I risk getting vilified for saying this, but I think the organic craze is overrated. Focus on whole foods--fruits, vegetables, whole grains, basically anything that is not processed--and you'll probably save yourself some stress (and a lot of money). If the foods you prefer the taste of happen to be organic, then by all means, go for it. We buy Trader Joe's organic carrots not because they are organic, but because they are tasty.