Tuesday, August 7, 2012

sword fighting and/or baton twirling....you decide.

As you all know I have two boys.  One of which we know is a VERY energetic, crazy kid and the jury is still out on Caedmon but I'm praying he balances out his brother and is a little calmer.  I'm guessing I won't get that lucky and they'll both feed off of each other.  

Here is a video that shows you just why Lincoln wears me out each day.  He had found this broken bubble wand, that looks like a sword.  He's been playing with it for days, dragging it along with us on car rides, begging me to take it in to the grocery store etc.  

So we got home yesterday afternoon after running a couple errands, I'm getting supper ready and behind me all I hear is "hi-ya!," lots of running and banging on the walls/doors.  He was running around like you'll see in the video and doing all sorts of tricks with the sword, for a good 1/2 hour-45 minutes before I finally decided to catch it on video.  

So here's a peek into our silly 3 year olds world....

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