Wednesday, September 19, 2012

caedmon { 9 months }

man little guy, you have changed a lot in the last month!
you started sitting right after you turned 8 months and then about 3 days later you were "crawling!"
you didn't waste any time on sitting, you just wanted to finally get around to chase your brother.
you're crawling started out as an inch worm and you slowly made it across the room
to a toy or whatever you were after.
and now just today you started doing one hand at a time.  
your knees aren't quite in sync with your hands yet though and they just want to "jump" forward
instead of crawl.  it looks pretty funny :)

you are eating lots of solids now.  
peas are still your absolute favorite!
you've had puffs, yogurt melts, chicken (tiny, tiny pieces from my plate) veggie straws, and of course all the yummy baby food I've made for ya ;)
You are still breast feeding!  Yay for another month!  
All I needed was to read a couple articles of why it's so good for you to breast feed as long as you can go and I was re-motivated :)
Just 3 more months to my goal!

you are back on track with sleeping through the night.
{for the past week you've been doing 13-14 hours straight!}
you slept all night long got WAY off when we traveled to KC (teething and 
and were up every 3 hours for almost 2 about your sleep deprivation for me!
finally after getting back to our routine
it only took a couple nights of "cry it out" and you are a champ now :)

you are babbling all day long these days.
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba
I think you said dada the other day but I'm going to pretend you didn't :)
at least until you say mama, then you can say dada as often as you want!

you have got a killer grip.
anytime my hair is within grasp you gently stroke it grab it and rip out as much as you can
before I try and escape!

2 bottom teeth (central bottom incisors) popped through a couple weeks ago and I swear you are going to get your lateral top incisors before your central top incisors.  In other words I can feel your teeth that are right next to the top middle teeth coming in soon but can't feel much for the top middle teeth.  Doc said that's the most common "weird thing" she sees.  It's nothing to worry about it's just your side teeth are impatient and don't want to wait their turn :)  Probably just in time for Halloween so you will look like a vampire, haha!

weight: 17 lbs (5th percentile)  he's a preemie but this is with his actual age chart so he's doing great!  Just for a comparison, your brother was only 14 lbs 14 oz at 9 months.  At least you are on the charts! :)
height: 27 inches (30th percentile)  long and lean
head circumference: 42cm (75th percentile) you got a big head!  for all those brains, right :)

we went to your 9 month appointment and the doc picked up on your temperament right away.  She said you are very easy going but yet very, very busy.  And that is so true!  You are a very good baby, hardly make a peep or hardly ever cry for that matter and you are one VERY active kiddo.  :)

we made your next appointment as we left the doctor's office and it's for your one year!  yikes, I'm not ready for that yet.  but it'll be here before I know it....sigh.  Sweet boy I love you so much, my heart could burst.

i love you,

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