Thursday, September 20, 2012

embrace the camera {sept. 20}

a cool morning, you know the kind.  the one where it's cold enough that you yearn
for the warmth of the sun to warm you up a bit....and then it come out and shines down on you and
it's just the best feeling ever.  you just wanna soak it all in.  yeah it was one of those mornings and we soaked it all in, out on our back porch, just playing in the sand and keeping Caedmon from eating all the sand :)

beautiful blue skies

 can i please freeze time just like this?

yep, I went a little drastic (for me) with my hair last week

yay for hoodie weather!

and because everyone needs a little superhero in their life
thought I'd share my spiderman with you all...
"spiderman in action"
(make sure you pause the music at the bottom of the page
so you can hear it!)

linkin' up with emily today!

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