Friday, September 14, 2012

fried {anything you want!} on a stick...

.....means we went to the state fair! (and another photo heavy post!)

During our time in KC, the boys and I drove the 4 hours to Tyler's parents house to spend
the weekend with them.

We got the chance to head to the state fair while we were there and we all had such a fun time!

Lincoln got busy right away at Gma and Gpa's house, playing with the trains

At the fair, the Clydesdale horses

Tractor parade, broke a world record with the most tractors!

 pig races!

he feel asleep holding on to it!

Gpa holding Lincoln so he could see the tigers!

 Caedmon enjoyed the petting zoo too

 Camel ride with my big boy

waiting with Aunt Kelsey for the Wolf Show to start

getting so sleepy....

 Lincoln picked some tomatoes with grandma, loaded them 
in the gator and delivered them to great grandpa before he left.
So cute!

 fun before bedtime!

the weekend after the boys and I got home, Seth and Kelsey had a 
reception where Seth grew up....which just happens to be an hour from where we live now!
convenient right?

the happy newlyweds!

Seth's family

a lizard!

so I think that wraps up all the pictures I have from our trip back to KC and Nebraska.
We had such an amazing time and I'm still overcome with gratitude to our friends
who made that trip possible!  
My "family tank" is full and overflowing once again and will hopefully tide us over until Thanksgiving.....doubtful but I can hope :)
Living so far away from all our family is extremely hard but I know we are RIGHT where God 
wants us right now (he's the one that chose this city for us in the first place!) so we
will continue to seek to do what he has for us while we are here!
We DO have amazing friends who feel like family here,
which makes things MUCH MUCH easier :)

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  1. Holy beautiful house Kelsey's new in-laws!!

    My family just lives 1 hour away & I think I spend less quality time with them than you do yours! Glad you got in some good family time!