Friday, September 7, 2012

insta friday

so I take a lot of pictures, like a LOT.
Each picture that gets instagrammed is usually only 1 of 20+ that I took
trying to get a good shot.

But I just love pictures, I love having all the keepsakes of our family 
and I know I'll never regret taking just one more picture, down the road when
I'm looking back on all our fun memories.

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So here's what's been going on lately....

mom and I decorated her house for fall before I left

back together after being gone for a year two weeks!

date numero uno to the new batman movie $37 later.....ouch now I remember why
we never go see movies in the theater!  
$1 redbox rentals are much easier to swallow!

choo choo!  we love the train at the mall

caedmon testing out the freshly mowed grass for the first time
he actually didn't mind it

ahhhh.....what a great view of the ocean lake erie will have to 
suffice for now :)
mom and I took the boys to the beach while she was here

3 year check up
happy and healthy!
20th percentile for weight and 50th percentile for height!
from 3lbs to 30 lbs you've sure come a long way little boy!

mommy and caedmon at the beach


date night numero was so fun to get all dressed up
and spend the evening with my man

hanging out with Uncle Seth and Aunt Kelsey at their reception
in Seth's hometown

Tyler couldn't resist a trip to Bass Pro Shop since we were so close

a fantastic sister in law I've got right there

$0.50 scrapbook paper update to my frames

scrub a dub dub

Ava and Caedmon holding hands :)


  1. Visiting from instafriday. I love those silver pumpkins! Lucky you to have two date nights recently! And your frame updates look great :)

  2. so many great things! Love your mom's fall decor...those pumpkins are really pretty, I think I am going to decorate this weekend! LOVEEE your chevron dress, the pic of your hubby picking you up at the airport is precious and Lincoln at the doc is sooo cute. Love his little belly!

  3. Found your blog thru instafriday.

    I love the scrapbook paper in your frames. That is so smart. What a great idea to change it up every now and then.

    My boyfriend loves Bass Pro Shop. We once drove an hour out of our way to go to one on vacation because we don't have one in Houston!!

    You have an adorable family. Thank you for sharing.

    Have a wonderful Friday.